Monday, December 30, 2013

Crochet Braids Week One Update

I EFFIN LOVE THIS HAIR! It is so easy to deal with. Basically I just get up and go. I have had a few problems.

Hair slipping out. This is mainly due to the fact that I did a super quick installation. Some people double knot. I did not. I know that when you don't double know it makes it easier for the hair to slip. It has only been three strands.

My braids underneath are coming out. I knew this would happen because I am a terrible braider. I am hoping I can make it last for three weeks. We will see.

I have a few frizzies but I don't consider this a problem. It makes the hair look more natural!

Other than that...these are great! Here are a few pics of me and my peeps out on the town. We went to Kocktails and Koture in Nashville. The food was bleh.  Very few vegetarian options. They managed to mess up fries. How can you mess up fries! They dipped them in duck fat which gave them a weird smell. But the music was bangin'! They were playing all old school music such as Sam Cooke "Twisting the Night Away" and Frankie Lymon "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" and Etta James. I was singing all night! That would be the only reason i would go there.

Obligate bathroom selfie

Me and Stephanie

Caty and Amaka

Me Amaka and Lola

Me and Alex

Laughing at a friend

Next we went to WKND on Church Street. The music there was updated and also good. They play some old school hits like "Can We Talk" by Teving Campbell. They also played "Drunk in Love" By Beyonce which sounds really nice in the club. I also tried hookah for the first time which was a massive fail. 

Hookah fail. It burned!

Osa, Sean, Me and Brandon at WKND

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Crochet Braids...Third time is a charm

Hello! Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas holiday! This holiday has been an emotional roller coaster. This whole year has been an emotional roller coaster for me. But I am making it out alive so I am thankful In 2014 I will have a clean slate to start from. 

I was  in a hair rut about 1 month ago and I was very very tempted to cut my hair. I was especially tempted to do this when I saw my roomie Lola and her cute tapered cuts. But I fought the urge. Whenever I have these urges I know the best thing for me to do is to put some weave it my hair so I won't have to deal with it everyday. I was looking around the internet trying to find a cost effective weave and I stumbled upon crochet braids. I feel like this would be a good protective style to have. Plus I could have a little hair to swing around when I salsa dance. 

Attempt #1
 I have tried to put them in my hair 3 separate times. The first time was a partial fail. Here is a pic:

 I used marley hair for this look. The only problem I had was the layering. I did not cut the marley hair in half when I used it and it was way to long. I looked like a lion. I attempted to cut it myself and I was not happy with the results. I got a lot of compliments but I was not confident with this hair. I took it out after one week. Also, my mom braided the back to tight and I was getting little bumps along the hair line. 

Attempt #2
Next, I saw a tutorial on YouTube and decided to try crochet braids with straight kanekalon hair. This was a complete fail. 

Neytiri the Wicked Witch of the South. 

With curled ends

Why was this a fail? It was way to long. I felt like black Pocahontas. Also this hair shed like crazy. I was going for a different, much shorter look. Basically the girl on YouTube curled the ends with rollers dipped in hot water. That was the part that was a failure to me. The rollers/hot water did not take which resulted in the ends being curly but not curly enough. The look is not bad, it was just now what I was going for. I had this in for maybe 12 hours. I did not have to straighten my real hair for it to blend into the weave, I just had to blow dry it. The tutorial is listed below if you want to attempt this yourself:

Attempt #3
Okay. I felt like I had to give it one more shot. The main problem with all this was the hair. So I ended up ordering some Freetress Bohemian Braid hair off the internet. When I put this hair in I felt pretty and confident. 

Next I added some colored hair to the front! I had a wedding to go to so I could not work with it some more.

 When I got home I added a lot more hair to My whole head. Also I cut bangs. Waa-lah! (Excuse my ghetto French.)

If at first you don't succeed...try try again! Ok, So i used a straight back braiding pattern. The braiding patterns under crochet braids vary a lot. I am not the best braider in the world (which is why I was ashamed to take a pic lol) So I just kept it simple. But the braiding is the most important part. It is the foundation. Next time I will get my mom to braid it for me. A good braid underneath helps to keep the style secure and last longer. I ended up using 4 packs of hair. I cut the hair in half. I ended up having a little bit of black and the golden color left. Here is a tutorial I used. 

This sista used Freetress Water Wave hair. I chose to use Bohemian Braid because it is closer to my natural hair texture. I like hers though and may use that in the future. I have learned that with crochet braids the possibilities are endless! Just do a YouTube search and you will see for yourself. 

I plan on keeping this in for at least 3 weeks. I am gonna aim for a month. I don't think my braids underneath will last that long. We will see. 

Do you do crochet braids? If so, what type of hair do you use?

Saturday, December 7, 2013

My Fave Go-To Hair Styles

I am a woman of habit when it comes to some things. I like to eat at the same places, I like to listen to the same type of music, and apparently I like to have the same hairstyles. I was looking through my Facebook pics and this is when I realized that I have 3 main styles that I go to. I like these styles because they are quick, versatile, and they look presentable.

Fingercomber Wig

This is my ALL TIME top fave hairstyle! I love love LOVE this wig! First, everyone thinks it is real lol. I have fooled so many people it aint even funny. I have fooled friends, coworkers, hair stylists. They start off by saying, "OMG I love you hair, I wish my hair would look so think and long like that!" Sometimes I tell them my secret, sometimes I don't. Secondly it is soooo easy to work with! All you do is put it on and go. 
Lastly this is a very very durable wig. I have had it since around March. It was def the best hair investment I made this year. The only thing I would say is PUT COMBS IN THE FRONT! This has saved my ass sooooo many times it is not even funny. This usually helps around men! Men love to touch and pull on my hair. I used to hold my breath and hope and pray that the wig would not come off, but now, I am not even bothered by it. If you put a comb in the front then the wig will for sure stay secured to your head. You can order your own finger comber here.

Two Strand Twists

After Fingercomber, two strand twists are probably my next fave style. Now, this style does take a while to do, but they can last a long time. This is my go-to style whenever I travel. I have taken these overseas and all across the US. I like this style when I travel because I won't have to lug around all my hair products. Also, when traveling overseas, at least in England, Paris, and Croatia, natural hair care products are hard to come by at the larger Walgreen type shops. I suggest you learn to do your own.You can save a ton of money. Also I reuse the hair for about 5 sets of twists lol. I'm super cheap. Just make sure you wash the hair or it will become kinda funky. 

Lovely Lady Humps
My hump hairstyle is what I go to when I need something a little fancy but is super easy and quick. I started doing this hairstyle when I was about 9 months into my hair growing out so you don't need superlong hair to do it. Of course as your hair grows out it will get bigger. This hairstyle always gets lots of stares and compliments from all types of people. This is another hairstyle that people like to touch so make sure you get lots of hairpins to secure it. It can last for 2-3 days. The only downside is that you need quite a bit of hairpins. The tutorial is here.

What are some hairstyles that you find yourself doing over and over? Why are you drawn to these styles?

Friday, December 6, 2013

I'm a Beanie Babe! Beanie Looks Part One

I saw a post on my FAVE hair website Black Girl Long Hair about beanies and natural hair. Of course I had to try them out. I went to Target and bought a beanie. Here are the looks.

I started out with blow dried hair. This was my least favorite look. I just put the beanie on over my loose hair. This is also a recipe for breakage and tangles. 

Next I just put the beanie on completly over my head. This is a great protective style because all your fragile ends are covered. If I did this I would do my hair in chunky two strand twists underneath to keep it from getting tangled. With this look the emphasis is completely on your lovely face.

For this next look I two strand twisted the front in a large chunky twist. I started with a very deep side part shown here.

Next I twisted to the other side. I was being lazy so I did not do it all the way to the back, but if I was going out I would. Last I just put the beanie on. 

This was my fave look, though it was not very functional lol. I would probably put a few hair pins in the style to secure the beanie in place. 

So here are a few of my looks! I will try a few more when my hair has been in two strand twists a few days.


What do you think of the looks? Do you all use natural hair accessories? I think I am converted!

Hair Regimen Revelation + Update on Crochet Braids

Today I was pressed for time. Yesterday I put lots of Eco-Styler gel in my hair and smoothed it back into a puff. Of course this caused it to tangle but it was ok b/c today I planned to wash and style my hair.

Well, today I was pressed for time and I did not have time to do my usual wash day  routine which consists of the following:

Coconut oil and Honey pre poo conditioning
Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse
Shea butter and coconut oil creme application

This usually takes me about  one to two hours to complete.

As I said I was pressed for time so I cut out a few steps. I did the following:

Put conditioner in my hair
Shea butter and coconut oil creme application

Guess what I hair felt just as soft!!! And it only took 20 minutes!

OMG This is gonna change my life.

Crochet braids update

After a few adjustments I actually grew to like how they looked. It was super easy to get up in the morning and just go. However, my mom braided my hair too tight, or my scalp is just super sensitive. I started to get little bumps on the back of my hair line at the nape of my neck and it hurt a little. it felt like hair were being pulled. I plan to get them again and in the future I will leave my hair line out. This will eliminate tension and it may even make the braids look more natural. 

Have you all had a hair revelation that changed your life? Did you all discover that if you cut out a few steps in the styling process that your hair still feels and acts the same? Am I just being lazy lol. 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Crochet Braids...I Don't Like Them

I don't like my hair. Here is the process I used. 
My mom braided my hair. 

 Next, I used a crochet needle to weave the individual Marley hair onto the braids.

Here is a video tutorial.

So what do you all think? Should I keep or take them out?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Long Time...Happy Thanksgiving!

I know, I has been awhile. Between nursing school, dancing, and life, I have not had time. However, I only have two more weeks of school left so I am feeling like blogging again. 

I did a new hairstyle today! I got it from this post on buzzfeed. It actually turned out well. It is pretty easy to do too. 

Happy Turkey Day!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Why I DO NOT recommend the invisible roots/invisible twist method for two strand twists.

Hey yall! So I did my hair in two strand twists for my Paris trip in a week. I am glad I did them early because I am having a few problems! i used the invisible twist method. If you are not familiar with this it is explained in the video below:

I loved the way that the hair looks like it is coming from your scalp. So I tried it on my own hair. It turned out pretty well. I had a few issues at the front of my hair because my hair is fine but overall it turned out good. 

And then I washed my hair. 

After the wash my roots completely came undone, some of the twist hair started sticking out, it was looking a mess. So I am having to redo my hair. More explanations in the video below:

So there you have it!  


Monday, May 20, 2013

Super Easy Two Strand Flat Twist Protective Style

 I originally found this hairstyle on YouTube. The girl who was in the vid had hair that was super long to her knees so I was not sure if this would work for me. I tried it about a month ago and could not make it work. I tried it again on Friday and it worked! So ladies don't give up on hair styles. My hair is between 6.5 and 7 inches. So it is not that long. It was super easy too. The tutorial is below.

 So this is my first tutorial video. It has some issues in the beginning. I don't know what happened lol. This video actually shows the second time I did it. I did it way better the first time so I need to start taping the first time I do hair styles. Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Finger Comber Looks

About a month ago I was rocking this Finger Comber wig everyday. It even traveled with me to San Fran and Seattle. Here are a few of my fave looks with it:
You can buy the floral hair accessory here.

With my girl Chanda and Tony Pirata.

WIth my friend Pascal from Kizomba Chicago.

Hmmm I don't think  nursing hats are made for afros.
Overall the wig was super easy to use. It did get hot sometimes while dancing. And I kinda was afraid at times someone was going to spin me the wrong way and it was going to fall out. A few times random folks just put their hands in it. So ladies I HIGHLY recommend that combs are put into the front. Those combs saved me lol. Otherwise you are going to be in an embarrassing situation cause the wig will easily come off with out combs put into the front.

I would say my hair grew at least an inch during the two months I wore the wig. It easily accommodated my two strand twists underneath. And everyone thought it was real! It blended perfectly with my kinky 4a and 4b hair.

Why did I stop wearing it? Hmmm.  Simply because I grew bored of it. I still love it though and I am sure I will wear in randomly in the future.

I would say the Finger Comber wig is well worth it's money. I have convinced 3 of my friends to buy one and they love it too!
 You can buy the wig here.

My Granny Is Natural Too!

I went to visit my granny and I did her hair. Her hair is really long, fine, soft,  and gray.

I did a simple roll tuck pin hairstyle. I really just wanted an excuse to spend time with her. It is so funny, growing up, she always wore wigs cause she said her hair would not grow. Now that she has stopped wearing wigs her hair has grown longer than it has ever been. She even remarked "Now that I am about to die, my hair wants to grow."

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Failed Twist Out Hairstyle

Hello world! Today's hairstyle is the result of a failed twistout.

I used this product called Curl La La  that I found at the Family Dollar Store. I was attempting to do a product review for this blog. This quickly reminded me of why I do not like to use store bought products on my hair. I did a twist out in my normal fashion using the product. By morning my hair was not dry. I was super annoyed by this. I put a head wrap on and continued throughout my day. By afternoon my hair STILL was not dry. I can't wear a headwrap to nursing school so I just untwisted my hair damp, twisted the front to the side and put the back in a puff.

I will do a full reveiw of Curl La La at a later date. So far, they are not getting good review from me. I only bought the product because it was five dollars.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kinky Love: Kendra and David

So my good friends Kendra and David are getting married! I am super SUPER excited for them! They are very well known in the salsa community in Nashville. They teach Casino Rueda classes and other styles of salsa throughout the city.

Kendra had kinky twists for a while. Can you tell David is in Nashville?
I think the hat gives it away. 

They go out like this everyday. 

Anyone who is friends with David on Facebook knows that he is in LOVE with his KMM! I wanted to know how he felt about her hair. Of course he loves that too lol. 
Here is what David had to say about Kendra's hair:

(I see a few typos in the vid...please excuse! It will be edited later. I am not a pro at blogging yet lol.)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Music City Naturals Hair Event 2013!


Here is why:

I got to wear my flower dress!

And I did my makeup!

This sister looked like a beautiful plant in her dress!

Nice space at Vandy.

Lots of nice vendors.

Her hair was hot!

Her locs were lovely!

Lot's of spontaneous, small group discussions about natural hair. 

Kinky Gal Lola came to the event with her hair like this:

And left with her hair like this thanks to the One Brush!

There were free goodie bags!

Amber's hair was an awesome purple color!

Everyone loooooved my hair!

I saw some old coworkers!

And made some new friends!

Overall it was a great event. The best part was seeing so many natural haired ladies around. The only thing that was kinda suspect was this Design Essential's "no damage" straightening treatment that is supposed to not make your hair permanently straight. Other than that, it was all good!