Saturday, December 7, 2013

My Fave Go-To Hair Styles

I am a woman of habit when it comes to some things. I like to eat at the same places, I like to listen to the same type of music, and apparently I like to have the same hairstyles. I was looking through my Facebook pics and this is when I realized that I have 3 main styles that I go to. I like these styles because they are quick, versatile, and they look presentable.

Fingercomber Wig

This is my ALL TIME top fave hairstyle! I love love LOVE this wig! First, everyone thinks it is real lol. I have fooled so many people it aint even funny. I have fooled friends, coworkers, hair stylists. They start off by saying, "OMG I love you hair, I wish my hair would look so think and long like that!" Sometimes I tell them my secret, sometimes I don't. Secondly it is soooo easy to work with! All you do is put it on and go. 
Lastly this is a very very durable wig. I have had it since around March. It was def the best hair investment I made this year. The only thing I would say is PUT COMBS IN THE FRONT! This has saved my ass sooooo many times it is not even funny. This usually helps around men! Men love to touch and pull on my hair. I used to hold my breath and hope and pray that the wig would not come off, but now, I am not even bothered by it. If you put a comb in the front then the wig will for sure stay secured to your head. You can order your own finger comber here.

Two Strand Twists

After Fingercomber, two strand twists are probably my next fave style. Now, this style does take a while to do, but they can last a long time. This is my go-to style whenever I travel. I have taken these overseas and all across the US. I like this style when I travel because I won't have to lug around all my hair products. Also, when traveling overseas, at least in England, Paris, and Croatia, natural hair care products are hard to come by at the larger Walgreen type shops. I suggest you learn to do your own.You can save a ton of money. Also I reuse the hair for about 5 sets of twists lol. I'm super cheap. Just make sure you wash the hair or it will become kinda funky. 

Lovely Lady Humps
My hump hairstyle is what I go to when I need something a little fancy but is super easy and quick. I started doing this hairstyle when I was about 9 months into my hair growing out so you don't need superlong hair to do it. Of course as your hair grows out it will get bigger. This hairstyle always gets lots of stares and compliments from all types of people. This is another hairstyle that people like to touch so make sure you get lots of hairpins to secure it. It can last for 2-3 days. The only downside is that you need quite a bit of hairpins. The tutorial is here.

What are some hairstyles that you find yourself doing over and over? Why are you drawn to these styles?

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