Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Black Folk, White Folk, and Hair

I work at a high school. At first I was a little apprehensive about wearing a huge afro. I was like, "Is this gonna be considered not professional?' But then I was like, you know what, if my hair was this long in real life, this is how it would be. It grows up, not down. If I am cool with it, others will be too.

Well, that is what I told myself anyways.

So I walk into the school and I see several white coworkers:

"OMG! I loooove your hair!"
  "I wish my hair could do that!"
"Whooo hoooo! Tina Turner! I like it!!"

This is the reaction from black folk:

General laughter.
"You don't know what you want to do with your hair."
"What is this?"
*black power fist in the air*
*prodding and poking of my hair * (which I hate!!!)

To be fair a few black folk did say that they liked it...mostly men lol.

 And my new hair did spark some convos with co workers about natural hair vs straight hair and hair looking "nice" or "in control".

I think the issue is that my hair is "out of control", untamed, wild, up in the hair, big, free formed, just...there. And this makes some black folk uncomfortable. Oh well.

First Few Days with Finger Comber

What can I say??? I love it! This has been my everyday style since I received it. Though I love the wig, it is not perfect. Here are the issue I have with it.

1. No comb! Though there is a bra strap band thingy that makes it feel a little more secure, I still wish it had combs.

2. The color is a little to dark for my natural hair. I have put a black rinse in my hair, and it still does not match. This wig is jet black. Make sure you get you correct color.

There is actually a new wig on the website which I am interested in, but it is sold out.... here is a pic:

You can find this one at when they get back in stock.

This weekend when I have time I am looking forward to experimenting and playing around with the wig more. More pics to come!

A few more looks with Finger Comber are here.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Finger Comber Wig is Here!

I finally ordered and have my fingercomber wig. I loooooove it!  A better review to come.
Here is a sneak peek.

If you want to order go to