Wednesday, January 30, 2013

First Few Days with Finger Comber

What can I say??? I love it! This has been my everyday style since I received it. Though I love the wig, it is not perfect. Here are the issue I have with it.

1. No comb! Though there is a bra strap band thingy that makes it feel a little more secure, I still wish it had combs.

2. The color is a little to dark for my natural hair. I have put a black rinse in my hair, and it still does not match. This wig is jet black. Make sure you get you correct color.

There is actually a new wig on the website which I am interested in, but it is sold out.... here is a pic:

You can find this one at when they get back in stock.

This weekend when I have time I am looking forward to experimenting and playing around with the wig more. More pics to come!

A few more looks with Finger Comber are here.

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