Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kinky Twists update

So yeah, I LOVE the twists. They are super easy to take care of, they swing, they can be used as a pillow, i can use them to hit people.... So many pluses.

The pics above are me with my dance group Nashville Rueda. I am the one in the middle.

I have been having a few problems though....

 First they keep on slipping out the back. I guess this is due to my hair being super short in the back. Plus the texture is a lot straighter and finer back there. Also I am getting kinda bored with them. And when I washed my hair they were soooo heavy. I had to take a few out and do them over b/c they had slipped some.

So I am going to try Afro Puffy twists next. I ordered hair Nafy Afro Puffy Hair. It should come in a few days! I am super excited to see what new hair adventures I will have. I am going to attempt to do some "Havana twists". If my hair is not long enough for this then I will just do some really thick twists.