Monday, August 1, 2011

July 20, 2011...I Need Some Color

Sooooooo I got bored. Yep I am a blonde now. I like it tho. I used Dark and Lovely Fade-Resistant Rich Conditioning Color Permanent Hair Color, 396 Luminous Blonde. You know this is bad for your hair cause the box said DO NOT use if you have chemicals on your hair.... 


                                                During. Tried to do my brows....was not successful.


Makeup does wonders....

                                                      Different looks throughout the week:

Snake kept trying to go down my shirt!

My friend Patty Cake. He is so fly! (Literally he is...he is a pilot.)

July 18, 2011 BIG CHOP!!!!

 Le is time. I did another big chop. I did it because I was tired of my hair maintenece. I was actually seeing growth, it was down my back, but the upkeep was too much. Too much shea butter, olive oil, combing, twisting, protecting...too much. Natural hair is supposed to give me freedom, I was being locked in a upkeep routine. Also the hair color made my hair really dry and brittle. I knew that this would happen which is why I colored it cause I have been wanting to BC for a while.

So for now, It is gone.

The next pic was right after the big chop, which I did with scissors the day I took my braids down. I look pretty homeless lol.

Next this is my first wash with my big chop. It felt great :-)

Last pic, I put on a little makeup and was out for the evening. Got lots of compliments, and my BF likes it! But he pretty much like everything I do....I am lucky for that lol.

July 16, 2011 Braids

Last day with the braids. I could not come up with any creative structural way to do the loose ends so i just let them hang. I acutally liked the style the best.

July 14, 2011...Braid Rings

Day three of my experimenting with the braids. Today i rolled up the back again but instead made three loops at the top. I used bobbby pins to hold them in place. This is borderline ghetto lol.

July 13, 2011...Braided Spiral Galaxy

So of course I have to experiment with different hair styles...this one I call "Spiral Galaxy".

I just rolled up the back to the front and coiled the loose ends on my forehead. Another braided Mohawk style.

July 12 2011...I've Got Braids!!!

My boyfreinds sister came in from africa so of course I had to have her do me some braids!

They are going to the back and loose in teh middle. And she was such a great braider. Did not even hurt.