Monday, September 10, 2012

Sept 10 2012 Hair Growth Update

Hola everyone. Well, it has been awhile since I have posted a pic. I have been doing some experimenting with my hair. I have been wearing wigs:

Head wraps (this Musilma is my head wrap inspiration):

And of course twists. I had been reusing the old hair over and over. But it has gotten kind of funky and it got really really hot in Nashville so I have abandoned the twists. Maybe in Oct I will resume with the Havana Twists I am in love with.

So here is my hair growth update. I had about 3.5-4 inches.

However I have stepped up my hair care routine and I have since cut off most of the colored portion of my hair. It was mainly the ends. They were really wirey and dry. So now I have about 3 inches of hair.

It feels way better, does not tangle at all, and it much softer and easier to manage. In about six months I will cut off the remainder of th color. That's all for today!!!


  1. So i've been growing my "kinky" afro for about 6 months, and I want it to curl up...does that happen later on in the growth process?...I want that lenny Kravitz type of fro.


    1. Hey. ummmm....weeeeell...honestly you cant say what type of hair you "want". You have to accept whatever hair comes our your scalp lol. If your hair is not like lenny's it is not gonna look like lenny's. I know some natural who literally can't get an afro lol. And they hate it. Lenny kinda has a free form fro to me with very kinky hair, so maybe you will get that type of hair.

      As far as your hair curling up, my hair does not curl up on it's on. I usually ahve to do some type of manipulation to it. I have discovered three strand twists. Look it up on youtub, type in three strand twists I LOVE it to make my hair curly. I will do a post as to haow i get it perfect. It involves twisiting, water, and shae butter.

      Months 6-9 are hard. it seems like your hair will not grow. However, around month 10 or 11 you will start to see more growth and will have more styling options. Thanks for commenting!


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