Monday, September 24, 2012

My Henna Experience

Hola Lindas!

So I told you all an an earlier post that I bought some Henna. Well I used it this weekend and I have mixed emotions lol. On one had I felt like a total complete hippie. I literally ahd mud in my hair. However, my hair does feel great today so I am gonna repeat the process again in the future. I want to say that I am gonna do it two times a month however, once a month is more realistic.  I purchased the henna from here.

First I measured out one cup of henna.

Next I added some honey to the henna.

Next I added water to make it a paste the consistancy of yorgurt. I planned on adding some green tea, however I discovered that I did not have green tea. Oh well, next time.

It smelled like a green tea, herby, plant like substance. I can't even believe I put this on my hair lol. I was totally grossed out at this point but I felt I had to continue.

Here is an up close pic of the henna in my hair.

So I put it on and let it sit for about three hours. I actually took a nap. I did not sleep well though. Then I got up and rinsed it out my hair. I have to admit that my hair felt thicker and moisturized after I rinsed the henna out and put some conditioner on. Next time I want to use green tea and also leave it in overnight. I will probably do it next week when I am off work for fall break.

So what has been your henna experience? Do you all have any tips for me?


  1. Heeeye I just put henna on my hair about 2 weeks ago! I love it! It gave my hair a subtle brown tint. I did it for the color since I'd never dyed my hair. I like how subtle but definite it is.
    I didn't realize until I purchased the henna that it was actually supposed to be a great conditioner. But I can't really tell about the conditioning effects. My hair actually felt a bit dryer than usual. Like I needed to oil it my often. What about you? Has yours maintained this moisture and how often will you do the process?

  2. yeah some girls have said that their hair feel drier. mine did not but i have been doing a lot of conditioning, i put honey in it, i did not use lemon juice, and i deep conditioned afterwards. so maybe that is why lol..

  3. how can we get updates to come to our phones?

    1. I have no idea lol. I think you can just get them to your email...

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