Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dreadlocks For Sale

At first when I saw that you could buy some locs on Etsy for $300 I was kinda grossed out...but then I guess it is no different than buying remi hair or brazillian hair. It just seems like locs are more....connected to the person.

I know people put a lot of time and energy into growing and caring for locs. Maybe somehow this energy will be connected to the new owner....

$300 for 50 locs


  1. I guess its really no different by it seems odd. Locs do seem more personal. I wonder how they would put them in since it doesn't come on a track.

  2. lol yeah that is a great question. I know people have artificial locs nowadays so maybe this is just another option.

  3. Those dreads look great. 300 hundred though? Pricey


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