Friday, March 18, 2011

March 18 2011 Black Girl Long Hair Interview!!!!

Soooo I'm on Black Girl Long Hair!!! This is the highlight of my life. lol. I love this website and to be feature on it is such an honor! Anyway, hope you enjoy the article.

Since being on the website my blog hits have gone waaaaay up. Glad i finished updating it this morning ;-)

March 17 2011...Very High Puff

I went out with my friend Amaka and did a puff on the top of my head. I did not get this style off youtube....I may even do a tutorial. It was pretty easy tho.

I did a blow out, then got in the shower so my hair could nap up some, then put Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie on the sides and back, then used combs to hold it up around the side and back. Easiest style I have ever did in my life :-)

February 9, 2011...Rachel Stewart Afro Pic Earrings

I bought the Rachel Stewart Earrings!!!! They broke in my purse about a week later....I was sooo sad. Im gonna get some more tho. I got complements from EVERYONE! They are so cute! You can pick you up a pair here.

Jan 30 2011...Retro Day

I decided to be retro today....another style that I found off of YouTube.....

Want your hair to look like this? Check out  the How To Video Tutorials section....

Jan 15 2011 Humpty Hump Hairstyle

I tried a style off worked pretty well! If you want to try it click here.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Lulu, Amber and Patty Cake

I did a simple hump in the front with a fro in the back.

Dec 23 Go Girl! It's your birthday.....

It's my Birthday!!! I had a small party. I just did a blow out

Dec 18 Twist Out

Heeeey! I was going to a Nigerian graduation party so I decided to wear purple. Purple is totally unrealted to Nigeria by the way. Here are some pics of me and my friend's hair. I did a twist out.