Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 13, 2010 A La Billie Holiday

Right before I went out to the salsa club...this is a left over two day old two strand twist...my hair shrinks as the style gets old between washings.

March 10, 2010.Twist Out

Twisted one side of my hair...then decided to add a flower and some lipgloss

March 1, 2010

This was at my job again. This was a great day at work. I was in a wonderful mood that day. Two strand twist out. Still using the Carol's Daughter.

Feb 26, 2010 Fro Hawk

This is my "fro hawk" look. I blew out my hair and the pinned the sides up. I feel like a rock star!

Feb 23, 2010

This pic was taken at my job. I work at a high school. It is a two strand twist out. With my hair damp i put some of Carol's Daughter Healthy Hair Butter on it and put it in two stand twits all over my head. Then I go to sleep. In the morn, i simply take them out and finger comb the roots. I usually pin the right side of my hair back. This is b/c back in the day when I was addicted to the creamy crack, i burnt out some of the hair on the right side...it never grew back.

Jan 15 2010

I luv luv LUV my hair right here! It reminds me of the 70's with the afro and the turquiose earrings...sigh...i wish i was born back then.

Jan 9 2010

Here is a faux loc look. Thanks for the idea natural hair hermana Kana!
So here is how i did it...
First I shampooed and conditioned my hair. but instead of washing out the conditioner right away, leave it in. While the conditioner is still on your hari, twist it into locs. Then put a stocking on your head and rinse the conditioner out. YOu have to put a stocking over your hair so the locs will not wash out with the conditioner. Then, let it air dry and you will have baby locs for a week or two! I was asked so many times if I was Somalian with my hair like this...

Nov 29, 2009

I look kinda somber in this pic...well, here is a side pic of my hair.

Oct 10 2009 and Oct 31 2010

My hair is still growing...still using the coconut oil. picking it out, tho only pick your hair out when it is wet! Dry picking will lead to major shedding and broken hairs.

oh yeah...guess what I was for halloween!!!!

Aug 2 and 12 2010

My hair looks kinda like a fro in this pic! Yea! At this point im using cocnut oil on my hair. Coconut oil is technically used for cooking, but i use it for my hair, my body, and for cooking, lol. It is great.
The first pic is me and my friend Habil...we were at a Tarrus Riley concert. The concert was awesome!

June 10 2009

Bathroom pic...fresh out the shower...

May 28, 2009

This was at my friends Fabian;s house. His bruh was visiting him. Still using the Healthy Hair Butter and picking it out...

April 18, 2009

Now I am using Carols Daughter Healty Hair Butter. I put it on my hair after I shampoo and condition it. I use Burts Bee's shampoo and Conditioner. Pretty simple. Cant wait for it to grow some!
I believe I was headed to shake the salsa club in the pic....Its the only place I ever go... I need to get a life!

March 5, 2009

Hair still growing..still using gel.. *yawn* Hurry up and grow DAMN IT!!!
You know what, this is the wrong attitude to have with my hair. I have to treat it w/ luv and kindness, and have paitence. Sigh...
I was at my second home in the pic...Ibiza Night club. If you like to salsa dance and are in Nashville stop by!

Jan 3 2009

My hair is growing out alil in the is pic. Still using the gel...kinda bored with the look.

12/19/2008 @ my friends graduation

This pic was taken @ Middle Tennessee State University...I LUV my hair in the pic! It was easy to style...just gel and water and comb back...I miss those days.

The BIG CHOP... 12/10/2008

I was tired of the flat irons, the no sweating, the no long, hot steamy showers, I was tired of straight hair. So...it had to go. At this point I was using gel and combing it back to make it kinda curly.

Beginning of my hair journey

This was in Philadelphia in 2008.

I was doing an internsip for the labor union UNITE Here!

Me and my labor union over lord Allen hernandez made a bet over a game of Tekken. I lost, and as part of the deal I had to straighten my hair.

 I went to some hair salon in Philly...I dont know what kind of flat iron she used...but my hair could not go back to an afro! It had a permantly burnt smell and some of the strands would not go back kinky.

So, I had to cut it all off and start over....

Learn from me ladies...never bet and put your hair on the line.