Sunday, May 12, 2013

Music City Naturals Hair Event 2013!


Here is why:

I got to wear my flower dress!

And I did my makeup!

This sister looked like a beautiful plant in her dress!

Nice space at Vandy.

Lots of nice vendors.

Her hair was hot!

Her locs were lovely!

Lot's of spontaneous, small group discussions about natural hair. 

Kinky Gal Lola came to the event with her hair like this:

And left with her hair like this thanks to the One Brush!

There were free goodie bags!

Amber's hair was an awesome purple color!

Everyone loooooved my hair!

I saw some old coworkers!

And made some new friends!

Overall it was a great event. The best part was seeing so many natural haired ladies around. The only thing that was kinda suspect was this Design Essential's "no damage" straightening treatment that is supposed to not make your hair permanently straight. Other than that, it was all good!


  1. Dig this post. Was truly blessed this weekend by this event. Open, honest dialogue between queens! Cant wait for more!

  2. I had a good to see some lovely ppl!

  3. I had a good to see some lovely ppl!


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