Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Failed Twist Out Hairstyle

Hello world! Today's hairstyle is the result of a failed twistout.

I used this product called Curl La La  that I found at the Family Dollar Store. I was attempting to do a product review for this blog. This quickly reminded me of why I do not like to use store bought products on my hair. I did a twist out in my normal fashion using the product. By morning my hair was not dry. I was super annoyed by this. I put a head wrap on and continued throughout my day. By afternoon my hair STILL was not dry. I can't wear a headwrap to nursing school so I just untwisted my hair damp, twisted the front to the side and put the back in a puff.

I will do a full reveiw of Curl La La at a later date. So far, they are not getting good review from me. I only bought the product because it was five dollars.

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