Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Super Easy Roll Tuck Pin Protective Style

Continuing with my protective styling....YAWN!!! Protective styling sucks!

For those that have not been following, I am going to attempt to do protective styles at least 5 days out of the week. Protective styles are defined as styles in which none of the ends of your hair are showing. Protectives styles protect the ends of your hair which are the oldest and most fragile portions. When people say that their hair won't grow it is a matter of their hair breaking off, not of their hair not growing. In order to see hair growth you must retain the hair that is already on your head. Protective styling is a great way to help this process. Or at least that is what all the long haired ladies on YouTube say. For me, I love big afros so this has kinda been a challenge mentally for me. I am always trying to find new hairstyles that work on my short hair.

Today I have a roll, tuck, and pin hairstyle. Theses styles are good if you have streched out hair that needs to be washed and detangled but you have not had the time to do so just yet. They are really, really simple and work on my short 6.5 inch hair.

The hairsyle is cute, it is kinda retro which are styles that I like. Like I said it was super easy to do. The tutorial is below.

Ladies! I need help! What are some of your fave toll, tuck, and pin hairstyles? Post them in the comments section.  

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