Monday, September 10, 2012

New Hair Care Routine

Hello Lovelies!!!! I have a new hair care routine!!!!!!!!!

I have been looking on various natural hair care websites like BGLH, Curly Nikki, and others and I have decided that I need to step up my hair care. I want long long hair in the future so I need to be taking better care of it now.

With that being said I have started to "pre poo" my hair. Pre-pooing is basically just deep conditionong your hair before you shampoo. When I pre-pooed my hair it was waaaay less drier and much more softer after I shampooed my hair. I used a mixture of coconut oil and honey on my hair (pic is from here).

I dampened my hair and then rubbed the mixture on. It sat on my hair for about an hour while I cleaned my house. Afterwards I rinsed and used a shampoo. Next I used a vinegar rinse on my hair. I mixed half vinegar half water on my hair and simply poured it over my head in the shower. I used distilled vinegar though I have heard that apple cider vinegar is the best. I did not feel like going to the store at that moment so I just used whatever I had. Next I used a deep conditiong protein pack on my hair. I only left this on for about 30 minutes. This one was super cheap and it seemed to work pretty well. It had a super strong coconut smell, I guess from the coconut milk. It had enough to use for two or three uses but I just used a whole lot for this one time. I detangled and my hair was rinsed.

Lastly I used coconut oil on my hair to seal in the moisture and did a twist out.

 Whew! A lot I know. The whole process lasted about 2 hours. But it was worth it. My hair has never felt this great. Hopefully I am on the way to long healty hair!

Also I have discovered this new line called As I Am. They make natural products for natural hair. I bought the CocoShea Spray for my hair and I loooooove it!
Basically I just spray it on when my hair is dry and it instantly adds moisture. It has all you need to seal in moisture : cocoa butter, shae butter, and water.

They also have a variety of products including a co-wash product and a pre-poo product if you are not into making your own haircare products. I did not see the pre-poo product online, however I did see it in Walgreens.

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