Monday, September 24, 2012

Out On The Town

Me and my boo EK went out on the town. We went to Maggiano's. Really I just wanted an excuse to wear my new outfit. I am slightly obsessed with peplums and animal print at the I bought an animal print shirt with a peplum lol. Peplums are good if you have a slight tummy cause they hide it and they emphasis your hips and booty. I got my whole outfit from The top is here and the bottom is here. They have free shipping both ways!!!

Since I chopped my color off I have not been liking the way my fro has been looking. It is kinda short in the front and longer in the a fro mullet. Oh well. Guess I just have to grow it out. The best way to grow out hair for my is some type of twists so that is what I will be doing soon.

I like how this pic looks kinda old school.

Front of outfit.

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