Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dancing In The Night Away

So I have been M.I.A....

This past weekend was the Hotlanta Salsa Congress in Atlanta. My dance group Nashville Rueda had a performance. I had to mentally and physically prepare myself for it and for the weekend full of dancing. I partied till 3am + every night. Met lots of wonderful people, saw lots of old friends, got inspired, improved my dancing, and had a wonderful time.

So I am currently obsessed with this dance called Kizomba. It is from Angola and is danced to Zouk music from Martinique, Guadalupe, and Haiti. I took a few workshops from Kizomba NYC and I am working hard to bring it to Nashville. Here are a few clips from the workshops:

Her name is Annie and his name is Joel. They are Haitian.

Annie and Ivo. I think he is Brazillian but not sure.

This weekend we were going to have a perfromance in Knoxville, however, it will probably by cancelled. I had a death in my fam and a few other team members had some things going on. The next weekend we will be in ATL again for the MySalsa Festival. I am super excited. Last year the festival was super fun and this year will be even better. That was where I learned how to dance Palo and where I met the awesome Daybert. They have classes in Kizomba, Casino, and afro-cuban dance. If you are in the area you should stop by.

 When I go to ATL I will get to dance with my friends Else and Patrice from Martinique, Daybert and Lena from Florida, Chris form NY,  and all my peeps in ATL. Look for more vids to come! Maybe I will take a vid of my dancing lol.

So what do you all think of Kizomba...It is HOT right?


  1. I would VERY much love to dance with Annie someday. Nice vids. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I got to dance with her...are you jealous?


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