Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween + 3 Strand Twist

Happay Halloween! This is my fave holiday! I dressed up as some sort of wild cat. I have one a leopard print dress.

I think my boss is cool with it. Oh well!
I also did a three strad twist out on my hair. I have mixed feelings about it. For one, my hair is still not that long. I feel that it would have looked better if I had longer hair. 3 strand twists results in really defined curls. Next,  It took about twice as long as a regular two strand twists. Last I was at my BF house when I woke up and I did not have all the proper hair tools so maybe I could have done something else with it if I had been at home. At any rate, this is my Halloween look. You can see a vid on how to do a three strand twists below.

Have a great day!

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