Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Weather Skin and Hair Butters is fall. I hate cold weather. I am a tropical girl. I am always freezing.  It wreaks havoc on my skin. My skin used to be perpetually dry until I discovered the wonders of shea butter. Now winter is bearable.

I want to share a recipe I use to keep my skin from being dry in cold weather. 

The tools needed are a stove, a small pot, and a measuring cup that can be boiled. I used a pyrex cup.
I boiled some water and placed the cup in the water

My main ingredient is shea butter. I had a ex who ships stuff to and from Africa. He got me a whole ball of shea butter. I have had this for at least three years and only made a small dent in it.

 I also have various oils and butters that I use to make the shea butter more spreadable. Today I used  a little jojoba oil, almond butter, olive butter, and coconut oil. I get most of my supplies from The almond butter used is not the kind that you eat from a grocery store. It is this kind used for cosmetics. You can find and example here.

 I added the shea butter to the cup and let it melt. I added 10 oz.

When it melted I added the jojoba oil. It was not that much.

 Next I added 2 spoonfuls of almond butter.

 I added one spoonful of olive butter. I olive butter is kinda grainy so i usually don't add much of it.

 Finally I added enough coconut oil to make 2 cups of liquid. As you can see this is not an exact science lol.
 Here are my tins that I use to put the butter in. I reuse them over and over till they break. Each one can hold 8 oz.

 I use this strainer to filter the shea butter. Sometimes it had bits of I don't know what in it.

 Poured in the butter. I had a little left over so I have these tiny tins I use. They are great to take on the go. I take one if I am traveling or to work with me.

All done! In all the process took about 10 mins. You can use it while it is liquid or wait for it too harden. To make it harden faster (that's what he said) you can put it in the fridge.  If you want to add essential oils or other smell good oils I would add when the butter had cooled some otherwise it is going to burn off while the butter is hot. I usually just keep the natural smell.

This can be used on my hair and body. It works well with a twistout.

What are some hair/skin butter recipes that you use?


  1. I might have to use this recipe! I just use normal shea butter to lock in my moisturizers after use!

  2. It came out kind of soft. which i dont mind but some pp may like it firmer...i would take out the jojoba oil and up the shea butter to 12 oz....other than that it is perfect!


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