Monday, January 27, 2014

Crochet Braids using Water Wave by Model Model

So I returned from my trip and my hair was a matted mess. As soon as I got back to Nashville I took the bus to Atl to hang with my boo. I really wanted to redo my hair so I took my weave and other hair supplies with me. I wanted to install another set of crochet braids, but I don't know how to braid. Luckily when I cut out the Gogo Curl hair my braids were still intact! So I just put in the hair on the old braids. Based on my pattern I think I will keep these about three weeks. 

At first I was very self conscious about doing my hair at my BF house. I felt kinda weird about him seeing me with my braids and putting in my weave. But I figure  he has sisters and a mom, he has seen it before and he may as well get used to it lol.

 This hair was easy to install, I used 4 packs cut in half, and I did not have the loose knots issue due to the hair being kinkier. We will see how it holds up. I think after this I am done with crochet braids for a while.

Has your significant other ever saw you in the process of getting your hair done? How did you feel about it?

Water Wave by Model Model
Headed out on the town to dance!

Quick Trip To the Left Side of the Country....Vegas and L.A.!! This is a dance trip of course.

This trip had been planned for a while. For a minute I did not think that I was gonna go, but then at the last min I was able to. I bought my ticket two weeks before hand and it was still only $244 direct flight from Nashville to LAX!!! It was great to escape the cold weather in TN. Plus  I got to experience my first earthquake! It was just a small one though.

I flew into Cali to hang with my friends Casey and Stacey Ashmont. These are two amazing women...if you dance kiomba then maybe you will have the chance to meet them one day! 

Casey, Stacey, and Jamaican Food. The food is the BOMB!

We decided to drive to Las Vegas. It was a nice drive. I got to see lots of mountain scenery. I love the mountains!

Mountains on the way to Vegas

 I met lots of cool interesting people. And of course had lots of fun danicng! We went to the Afro-Latin Festival.

Angela from Cape Verde. She is also a vegetarian!

I met Walter...aka Black Power Ranger. He is a dancer!

View from Hotel. We stayed at Harrah's. 

My hair was in Gogo Curl by Freetress. It is here that the hair got the most tangled and matted. While dancing my partner's hands would get caught in the curls quite often. I was dancing to 6 am or longer for two nights so that was a lot of dancing and a lot of chances for tangles. 
After we left Vegas me and Stacey went sightseeing around L.A. 
Mural in LA hood.

This man offering to whisk Stacey away to...Kansas!

The name is interesting. Hood store lol.

I had to do a double take...This is Beyonce. She looks like a white woman!

View from Baldwin  Hills. More mountains!

Overall a very fun trip! The next day I took by hair out lol. It was beyond tangled and matted by the time I got back to Nashville.

Crochet Braids using Gogo Curl by Freetress

Gogo Curl Fretless Crochet braids

I installed this set on Jan 5. I took out my last set due to the braids being loose underneath. I really liked how it looked, but due to the bad foundation, the style had to be taken down prematurely. 

Me cutting the braids out.

I got Lola to braid my hair. She is African so you know she did a good job!

It hurt! I'm joking, It did not hurt...that much.

Finished braids. I like to have my "baby hair" left out to prevent hairline breakage. 

Next I installed the hair. It is called GoGo Curl by Freetress. 

Day 1

Day 3

I have very mixed feelings about this hair. I think it is beautiful. On the other hand I had some serious problems with it. One problem I had was the knots at the bas of my hair coming loose.

Loose knots.
 I tried to double and triple knot, tie it down, I tried several methods. The hair is too loose to knot effectively. I saw online that some people used spritz or glue to keep the knots in place. Maybe I will try that next time. Everyday I had to tighten up loosed knots. Eventually the hair became so tangled that I did not even need to tighten the knots anymore. 

Which leads to my second issue with the hair. It tangles to easily. Now, I am a get up and go type person. I did not sleep with a satin scarf over this. I did not brush it or comb it, or even wash it. It is a weave so I feel it should be low maintence. After the third week I had to cut off chunks of the hair. 

Week One

Week Two

As you can see by week two the hair looked less fuller because some of it was matted and knotted. Week Three it looked a total hot mess and I took it down. 

Would I buy Gogo Curl again? Nope. But, it was cute while it lasted.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Crochet Braids Week Two Update: I Love my hair but I am taking it down

NYE Party in ATL

What an eventful week this was. NYE party!!! I got the chance to bring in the New Year in Atlanta. I love this place. It has a great salsa dancing community. Here are a few pics

Me and my date Mamadou. He is a great salsa dancer!

Mamadou and Benjamin

As the post says I love my hair but I am taking it down. I did such a horrible job braiding my real hair underneath it is completely loose and my real hair is coming out the braids. FOUNDATION IS EVERYTHING!!!! The reasons are discussed further in the video below: