Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Granny Is Natural Too!

I went to visit my granny and I did her hair. Her hair is really long, fine, soft,  and gray.

I did a simple roll tuck pin hairstyle. I really just wanted an excuse to spend time with her. It is so funny, growing up, she always wore wigs cause she said her hair would not grow. Now that she has stopped wearing wigs her hair has grown longer than it has ever been. She even remarked "Now that I am about to die, my hair wants to grow."


  1. i love that you did your granny's hair; it's beautiful. right now, i'm having trouble with dry hair, especially after i got my braids taken out--my scalp and hair are both really really dry now. what do you use for moisture?

    1. Hey girl! I use shea butter and coconut oil mix and water. Basically i completely wet or dampen my hair and then add some shea butter to it.


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