Thursday, May 9, 2013

Slightly Harder Roll Tuck Pin Hairstyle

            Continuing with my theme of roll, tuck, pin protective styles...this one was a little harder. It was harder because my hair was a little too short for this. At last check it was between 6.5 and 7 inches. I kinda had trouble getting it to roll properly in some areas. Maybe this would not have been a problem if my hair was properly stretched. At this point, I am in serious need of a wash. I put a bit of water and shea butter on it last night to combat dryness and this more than likely contributed to it shrinking some. Plus I like to do hairstyle with my hair curly textured so this also contributed to the shrinkage.

This hairstyle also took a bit longer to do. Most of the hairstyles can be achieved in 6-10 minutes. This one  took about 15 minutes. If I had not been late and in a rush this morning it would not have seen the light of day. The tutorial is listed below. I did a few things different from the tutorial. First off I don't really brush or manipulate my hair with styling tools that much. I feel this contributes to breakage. Plus my hair has not been detangled in about a week so brushing without detangling is a recipe for lots of unnecessary hair breakage. The tutorial calls for stretched hair. My hair was not really stretched that much.

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