Monday, January 27, 2014

Quick Trip To the Left Side of the Country....Vegas and L.A.!! This is a dance trip of course.

This trip had been planned for a while. For a minute I did not think that I was gonna go, but then at the last min I was able to. I bought my ticket two weeks before hand and it was still only $244 direct flight from Nashville to LAX!!! It was great to escape the cold weather in TN. Plus  I got to experience my first earthquake! It was just a small one though.

I flew into Cali to hang with my friends Casey and Stacey Ashmont. These are two amazing women...if you dance kiomba then maybe you will have the chance to meet them one day! 

Casey, Stacey, and Jamaican Food. The food is the BOMB!

We decided to drive to Las Vegas. It was a nice drive. I got to see lots of mountain scenery. I love the mountains!

Mountains on the way to Vegas

 I met lots of cool interesting people. And of course had lots of fun danicng! We went to the Afro-Latin Festival.

Angela from Cape Verde. She is also a vegetarian!

I met Walter...aka Black Power Ranger. He is a dancer!

View from Hotel. We stayed at Harrah's. 

My hair was in Gogo Curl by Freetress. It is here that the hair got the most tangled and matted. While dancing my partner's hands would get caught in the curls quite often. I was dancing to 6 am or longer for two nights so that was a lot of dancing and a lot of chances for tangles. 
After we left Vegas me and Stacey went sightseeing around L.A. 
Mural in LA hood.

This man offering to whisk Stacey away to...Kansas!

The name is interesting. Hood store lol.

I had to do a double take...This is Beyonce. She looks like a white woman!

View from Baldwin  Hills. More mountains!

Overall a very fun trip! The next day I took by hair out lol. It was beyond tangled and matted by the time I got back to Nashville.

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