Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Afro Puffy Twists

At some point earlier in the year I ordered some Nafy Collection afro puffy hair from here. I was attempting to do some Havana twists but at the time I did not know which hair to use. The twists were not Havana twists but they were in so I wore them for about 6 weeks. They were very easy to maintain. When I washed them they were not as heavy as the loooooong kinky twits I had before. And they dried much quicker too. Overall I enjoyed them. I still have the hair and may put them in again. They only problem I had was them slipping out of the back of my hair which was super short back then.

Side view of the twists. I was making a rum cake.

I do capoiera with Groupo Balanca. This was when I got my first cord.

Lulu, Eejay, Crystal, Me, Drea, and baby Caleb.

Lulu, Me, and Ivalisse. We were at the Salsatlanta Casino Congress.

I was at my friends graduation. I ordered the dress from here. The lady makes custom dresses from teh 40's and 50's.

Me and my friend Stephanie.

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