Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Protective styling

Personally I HATE protective styling. But I want my hair to grow and people on YouTube swear up and down this is the way to go. So I will do it for now. Here is a pic of my current protective style.

It is two strand twists rolled back into a bun and secured with a comb. BORING! Actually, not that boring. The thing about protective styling is that you have to do it a lot it seems. So I am going to make a compromise. I will protective style during the week and on the weekends I will wear my hair out.

I have also added a few new things to my hair regimen

1. I will finger comb from now on when detangling myhair for the weekely wash.
2.  I will re moisturize (meaning wet) my hair every 3 days.
3. I will start using grease and water. I know it is old school, but I hear it works pretty well.
4. I will start using kimmaytube leave in conitioner when I get all the ingredients in.
5. I will deep condition every 2 weeks.

Wigs are still a protective styling option for me. I am still in love with finger comber and that is usually what I wear on the weekends if I am going to a special event. I currently also have Creta Girl by Freetress, I will do a review on it soon. I have also discovered a new hair weave line called the Heat Free Hair Movement. But they are busting heads on the price. One pack is $139 for the 12". And you need two to do your hair. Now, the hair is fiyah, but, I don't have that kind of money right now lol. They are also tripping cause I can't copy and paste a pic here to show you the hair. I don't understand why companies do that. It is free advertsement. Anyway click here to see the hair.

How do you all feel about protective styling? Is it something you love to do or a necessary evil?


  1. i don't like protective styles either, mainly because i don't think my hair is at a good length to wear them out in public. i really only wear protective styles when i know i'm not going to be going anywhere forreal for a couple of days.

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  2. Saw your post on BGLH and decided to check out your blog. I am enjoying it. This week I have my 3rd natural hair anniversary and after a summer of loose hair I am doing more protective styles this fall. My go to protective styles used to be wigs, but, I am challenging myself to use my own hair. I like the loose style you wear and will be trying them.

    1. Hello! Thanks for checking out the blog. Glad you are enjoying it.

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