Sunday, April 28, 2013

Prom updo: Flat twist updo on natural hair

Hello! Currently my hair is about 6.5 to 7 inches. I am very excited about the length I have retained. By the end of the year it should be 10 inches or more. 

This is a hairstyle that I had for prom. I work at a high school so I was a chaperon. I should have done a tutorial or pics while it was being created...oh well. Maybe next time lol. 

My prom date

Caleb the cutie. He likes possums. And taking other folks food. 

So the style was very easy to achieve. Basically you just flat twist your to the center and then twist the center up towards the top and secure.  At the top I did individual two strand twists and wrapped it around some old braid hair to achieve the hump. I secured with hair pins...that is it! It took about an hour to twist.

This hairstyle did not stay in past two days. On the Sunday after prom I went swing dancing and people kept hitting my hair and the braid hair kept peeking through. So I just took the whole thing down and
cowashed my hair cause it was itching.

Until next time!!!!

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