Thursday, December 26, 2013

Crochet Braids...Third time is a charm

Hello! Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas holiday! This holiday has been an emotional roller coaster. This whole year has been an emotional roller coaster for me. But I am making it out alive so I am thankful In 2014 I will have a clean slate to start from. 

I was  in a hair rut about 1 month ago and I was very very tempted to cut my hair. I was especially tempted to do this when I saw my roomie Lola and her cute tapered cuts. But I fought the urge. Whenever I have these urges I know the best thing for me to do is to put some weave it my hair so I won't have to deal with it everyday. I was looking around the internet trying to find a cost effective weave and I stumbled upon crochet braids. I feel like this would be a good protective style to have. Plus I could have a little hair to swing around when I salsa dance. 

Attempt #1
 I have tried to put them in my hair 3 separate times. The first time was a partial fail. Here is a pic:

 I used marley hair for this look. The only problem I had was the layering. I did not cut the marley hair in half when I used it and it was way to long. I looked like a lion. I attempted to cut it myself and I was not happy with the results. I got a lot of compliments but I was not confident with this hair. I took it out after one week. Also, my mom braided the back to tight and I was getting little bumps along the hair line. 

Attempt #2
Next, I saw a tutorial on YouTube and decided to try crochet braids with straight kanekalon hair. This was a complete fail. 

Neytiri the Wicked Witch of the South. 

With curled ends

Why was this a fail? It was way to long. I felt like black Pocahontas. Also this hair shed like crazy. I was going for a different, much shorter look. Basically the girl on YouTube curled the ends with rollers dipped in hot water. That was the part that was a failure to me. The rollers/hot water did not take which resulted in the ends being curly but not curly enough. The look is not bad, it was just now what I was going for. I had this in for maybe 12 hours. I did not have to straighten my real hair for it to blend into the weave, I just had to blow dry it. The tutorial is listed below if you want to attempt this yourself:

Attempt #3
Okay. I felt like I had to give it one more shot. The main problem with all this was the hair. So I ended up ordering some Freetress Bohemian Braid hair off the internet. When I put this hair in I felt pretty and confident. 

Next I added some colored hair to the front! I had a wedding to go to so I could not work with it some more.

 When I got home I added a lot more hair to My whole head. Also I cut bangs. Waa-lah! (Excuse my ghetto French.)

If at first you don't succeed...try try again! Ok, So i used a straight back braiding pattern. The braiding patterns under crochet braids vary a lot. I am not the best braider in the world (which is why I was ashamed to take a pic lol) So I just kept it simple. But the braiding is the most important part. It is the foundation. Next time I will get my mom to braid it for me. A good braid underneath helps to keep the style secure and last longer. I ended up using 4 packs of hair. I cut the hair in half. I ended up having a little bit of black and the golden color left. Here is a tutorial I used. 

This sista used Freetress Water Wave hair. I chose to use Bohemian Braid because it is closer to my natural hair texture. I like hers though and may use that in the future. I have learned that with crochet braids the possibilities are endless! Just do a YouTube search and you will see for yourself. 

I plan on keeping this in for at least 3 weeks. I am gonna aim for a month. I don't think my braids underneath will last that long. We will see. 

Do you do crochet braids? If so, what type of hair do you use?


  1. What type of hair was used in the first picture?

    1. What type of Marley hair? As in what brand?

  2. Attempt #1 was the prettiest one!

  3. The first two attempts actually looked better than the last to be honest. Particularly the Marley braids. Still pretty tho.

  4. Any type of the freetress brand hair with a deep wave or coarse texture works well with crochet braids. I have done the gogo curl and presto curl, very similar. I want to try the deep twist or water wave. Practice makes perfect.

  5. What brand of marley hair did you use? Btw, all three styles are cute on you! lol @ black pocahontas :D


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