Friday, December 6, 2013

I'm a Beanie Babe! Beanie Looks Part One

I saw a post on my FAVE hair website Black Girl Long Hair about beanies and natural hair. Of course I had to try them out. I went to Target and bought a beanie. Here are the looks.

I started out with blow dried hair. This was my least favorite look. I just put the beanie on over my loose hair. This is also a recipe for breakage and tangles. 

Next I just put the beanie on completly over my head. This is a great protective style because all your fragile ends are covered. If I did this I would do my hair in chunky two strand twists underneath to keep it from getting tangled. With this look the emphasis is completely on your lovely face.

For this next look I two strand twisted the front in a large chunky twist. I started with a very deep side part shown here.

Next I twisted to the other side. I was being lazy so I did not do it all the way to the back, but if I was going out I would. Last I just put the beanie on. 

This was my fave look, though it was not very functional lol. I would probably put a few hair pins in the style to secure the beanie in place. 

So here are a few of my looks! I will try a few more when my hair has been in two strand twists a few days.


What do you think of the looks? Do you all use natural hair accessories? I think I am converted!


  1. I love the last look with the flat twist/pompador. However when its really cold out I usually just put on a scarf and slap the beanie on for work.

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