Friday, December 6, 2013

Hair Regimen Revelation + Update on Crochet Braids

Today I was pressed for time. Yesterday I put lots of Eco-Styler gel in my hair and smoothed it back into a puff. Of course this caused it to tangle but it was ok b/c today I planned to wash and style my hair.

Well, today I was pressed for time and I did not have time to do my usual wash day  routine which consists of the following:

Coconut oil and Honey pre poo conditioning
Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse
Shea butter and coconut oil creme application

This usually takes me about  one to two hours to complete.

As I said I was pressed for time so I cut out a few steps. I did the following:

Put conditioner in my hair
Shea butter and coconut oil creme application

Guess what I hair felt just as soft!!! And it only took 20 minutes!

OMG This is gonna change my life.

Crochet braids update

After a few adjustments I actually grew to like how they looked. It was super easy to get up in the morning and just go. However, my mom braided my hair too tight, or my scalp is just super sensitive. I started to get little bumps on the back of my hair line at the nape of my neck and it hurt a little. it felt like hair were being pulled. I plan to get them again and in the future I will leave my hair line out. This will eliminate tension and it may even make the braids look more natural. 

Have you all had a hair revelation that changed your life? Did you all discover that if you cut out a few steps in the styling process that your hair still feels and acts the same? Am I just being lazy lol. 


  1. what type and brand of hair did you use for these crotchet braids? They look so good on you!


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