Monday, June 17, 2013

Why I DO NOT recommend the invisible roots/invisible twist method for two strand twists.

Hey yall! So I did my hair in two strand twists for my Paris trip in a week. I am glad I did them early because I am having a few problems! i used the invisible twist method. If you are not familiar with this it is explained in the video below:

I loved the way that the hair looks like it is coming from your scalp. So I tried it on my own hair. It turned out pretty well. I had a few issues at the front of my hair because my hair is fine but overall it turned out good. 

And then I washed my hair. 

After the wash my roots completely came undone, some of the twist hair started sticking out, it was looking a mess. So I am having to redo my hair. More explanations in the video below:

So there you have it!  


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