Thursday, November 26, 2015

Crochet braids with Cuban Twist hair on 1 inch flexi rods

Crochet Braids with Cuban Twist hair
So this is my second set of Cuban twist crochet braids. The first set came out after two weeks because my hair was shedding. A lot. Some of the weave pieces were falling out, especially around the hairline. When I took the braids down and washed my hair I saw that I had bald spot on my edges. 
Thinning edges due to post partum shedding

 This is due to post partum hair shedding.  Oh well. They will grow back one day. In the meantime I will be wearing weaves, wigs, and head wraps.

This current sets of braids are with Cuban twist hair set one inch flexi rods.
1 inch flexi rods used to set hair
Cuban twist hair crochet braids
I really like them! I am totally all about big hair lately. And they fall over my thin edges perfectly. I curled the hair before I put it in. I dipped them in hot water to set the curl. I used the knotless crochet method.  There are tons of YouTube tutorials if you need more info.

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